Footy #05

Footy #05

… a small and accesible remote control sailboat. The hull cane be built of any material, and there is only one basic restriction: the complete hull, including fin and rudder, must fit in a 305 x 305 x 153 mm box. Only two servos are alowed: one for the rudder and another for the sail(s).  Therules are simple. This is by far the most spread class on the world, as it is very easy and cheap to build a sailboat.

Every weekend when we go to the pond and sail the Victoria’s, RG65’s, IOM’s, ULY’s and others, our kids strongly aks for our radios to sail themselves. Sounds familiar? So, why not get them sailboats of their own? Something the identify themselves with? So some of us started building a Footy using some plans from the Internet. Today we already have a small Foot fleet sailing in Chile.

We hope this website serves as a place to find reference materials to build your own Footy, contact other chileans participating of this class, and keep everyone informent on what’s happening.

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